How Can I Prevent Breakouts - Get Rid From breakouts

Acne is a common skin disease that affects the majority of teenagers and those in their mid-adolescent years. It is formed when the facial pores are blocked by dead skin or other particles, interrupting the regular flow of the body’s natural oil, called sebum. When sebum accumulates due to the blockage of the pores, acne breakout takes place and, depending on one’s immune system that fights off infections, this breakout could occur over a number of years.

While acne is unavoidable, especially if one has family history of acne or the body produces a high number of the hormone testosterone during the teenage years, breakouts are preventable with proper hygiene and special care. Having acne, therefore, is somewhat natural for most people, but preventing breakouts depends on one’s ability to religiously follow certain regimens and procedures.

Acne, often manifested in the form of pimples, can come and go even without medical intervention. But when your body produces too much oil it could pose a problem because it can surely lead to breakouts. When breakouts occur, medical attention is needed to ensure that facial scars will be minimal and the effects of the breakout on the face are lessened. It is, therefore, important to take precautionary measures to prevent acne breakouts instead of looking for a cure. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

However, there are certain natural ways to prevent acne breakouts and one of the most proven ways is to keep the body healthy and to eat nutritious foods on a regular basis. Keeping the body healthy boosts one’s immune system, preventing the onset of bacteria that can cause acne breakouts. Eating healthy food also keeps the body’s natural balance of hormones and controls the flow of bodily oil, thus preventing possible breakouts.

Keeping your hands and hair off your face is a sure way to prevent germs and bacteria from getting in touch with acne. Certain bacteria that accumulate in the hands can further block facial pores and causes acne infection, while hair strands, especially those with gel and artificial oil, can also infect acne causing it to breakout.

Regularly washing your face with clean water and mild soap also prevents breakout of acne because the pores are always clean and the blockages are limited. Just make sure that the soap you use does not contain harsh chemicals and is approved by expert dermatologists. Also, use running water in washing your face to make sure particles are washed off immediately.

Applying facial moisturizers and lotions can also prevent breakouts but do not rush things. Consult your dermatologists first on what lotion and moisturizers to use because there are products that can aggravate the acne breakout. Avoid using makeup to cover up acne because this could further block the pores and worsen the situation.

Eating fresh fruits and nutritious foods can also help in preventing acne breakouts. Avoiding stressful situations and keeping a healthy lifestyle also help the body’s immune system to control the accumulation of bacteria and germs, thus preventing breakouts and even the onset of acne.
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