Laser Treatment for Age Spots | Advantages Of Laser Treatment

Pigment spots on the skin are formed as a result of failure in the distribution of melanin in the cells. Large concentration of melanin in one location leads to formation of age spots from light yellow to dark brown color.

Spots, freckles, especially on the face, cause discomfort and are the major aesthetic problem for many people. The desire to get rid of excessive pigmentation makes a person go to a dermatologist, because traditional methods often do not give a positive result.

Earlier the removal of age spots was not possible, now this aesthetic procedure is quite common. Laser treatment is recognized as the most effective and safest method of removing pigmentation.

Advantages of using laser treatment for age spots

Such rejuvenation techniques as chemical peels and mechanical polishing were originally used for skin. Influence on the skin is determined by the surgeon in chemical peels or mechanical dermabrasion, and the level of control depends on his experience. Moreover, during the chemical peel it is very important to choose the right chemical cleaner and its concentration, presence of toxic action, degree of aggressiveness. Therefore, these kinds of rejuvenation provide less predictable results.

Today the greatest achievement in the field of cosmetic surgery is laser treatment for age spots. The basic idea of laser technology is that the laser beam is absorbed by the surface layer of the skin, the thickness of which is measured in microns, passes a microscopically small volume of the tissue and a huge amount of energy in an ultra-short time cell, resulting in micro explosion and evaporation of the tissue. Adjacent areas of the tissue do not have time to warm up and they will not be burned. The amount of energy and time are set by the computer.

This computer program ensures a high level control of the laser beam influence on the skin, which is the main advantage of the laser over the conservative and surgical techniques. It is clear that at the present time there is a great progress in cosmetic surgery, especially in the sphere of skin rejuvenation using laser technology. With skilled application and proper selection of the laser beam, this method of treatment is very well tolerated and much more effective than conservative and surgical techniques.

Indications Pigmented spots on the face Pigmented spots on the body (from different backgrounds) Hyper pigmentation after sun exposure Contraindications Acute infectious diseases,
exacerbation of chronic diseases Inflammatory process in the place of the procedure Pregnancy,lactation Recommendations before the procedure
Do not sunbathe for 7-10 days before the procedure
Do not visit sauna, swimming pools, beach 3 days
before the procedure Instructions after the procedure Prevent traumas of the skin after laser treatment Before and after the procedure use the cream with an SPF of at least 50 during two weeks Avoid exposure of the skin to the sun,  and do not visit the solarium for 2 weeks Do not visit sauna, swimming pools, beach in 3 days after the procedure.

Laser treatment for  age spots is the fastest and safest way to get rid of this problem. Positive results are seen after the first treatment.
Although the process of removing age spots is one of the safest, in order to avoid complications, it is highly recommended to visit and get doctor's recommendations.
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