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If you have a young baby or a toddler you will know how important it is to ensure the house is because of the mischief they can get up to.
There are some precautionary measures you can take to ensure and increase the levels of safety of your child in the home. By taking some simple steps you can increase your child's safety and put your mind at ease.

These steps are in no particular order of importance. However, some of them will be more important than others depending the age of the child. Child safety gate at the staircase. The staircase poses danger for young toddlers who are yet to walk or have just started to walk. By closing the opening of the stair case at the top and at the lending will ensure a child cannot fall of the staircase or attempt to climb up. Its no use just having the gate, you have to take care to ensure it is closed when the child is in the vicinity.

 Make sure there are no pins or sharp edges on furniture, especially anywhere a child is able to reach. This could expose them to serious injury. The best way to nullify the danger is to have some padding around sharp edges. A good example is a square or rectangular shaped table that has very point ends or corners.

 Bathroom – If there is tiling on the bathroom, kitchen floor, you should put an anti-slippery mat. Tiling in bathroom/kitchen can make the floor very slippery when any water gets on it. By Keep any harmful products away from their reach. This will include products like toiletries and any DIY products. These should put away in safe storage. Smoke detector – Believe it not, despite so many people that get killed every year through inhaling smoke from a fire, many households still do not take the precautionary measure of installing a smoke detector. These are now extremely cheap. Many local health organizations also give these away free.
how to childproof your home

Make sure any electrical outlets are not exposed to a child. Many young babies can play around with plug pinholes, so there is a danger of electric shock. The outlets can be covered using some protective tool. In any case, if no devise is being used, all outlets should be turned off. If you have a fireplace, make sure it is shielded with a protector. Never leave a young child alone in a room with the fireplace on. Install a gas leak detector to detect signs of a gas leak.

Although gas leaks are rare, installing one will help to put your mind at ease. Do not leave a young child unattended on a bed because of the risk of rolling over and falling off it. The impact of a fall can cause harm, especially if the bed is quite high. Never leave a child in a bath unattended because there is a risk of drowning.

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