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Acne is a problem that leads to exanthemas and skin inflammations. It occurs principally during adolescence but it also rather ordinarily occurs in grownups. Once you have a new pimple on the face that is rather annoying until it is gone. That's why most of us seek to know how to get rid of acne as soon as possible.

There are so many skin care treatments on the market today and it's quite easy to get confused by the variety of choice. However, many people are now looking towards natural home remedies for acne and this is easy to understand. These home treatments are convenient, safe and efficient.

First of all, a person who want to learn how to get rid of acne at home should consider certain thing to to avoid. It is important not to make-up or, if it's not possible, to avoid heavy make-up. You should also exclude certain foods from your diet including junk foods, sugar-containing products, caffeine and alcohol. No matter how tempting it is, keep your hands off your acne, don't touch your face all the time.

Lime juice is a citric acid that helps to take away the dead skin cells and speeds up the growth of new skin cells what make it one of the best anti acne treatments. Orange peel can also be used. Generally, you should squash or blend it, mix with little water to make a paste prior to applying on the problem area. Use it directly on the acne scars with the help of a cotton cloth or ball. It brightens and betters the look of dark acne scars. You can also blend lemon juice with rose water. A lemon with equivalent proportion of rose water will work. Use that on the face and rinse it only after thirty minutes.

Perpetually doing that will not only help you get rid of acne, but it also lighten spots of your skin.
Among other effective home remedies for acne there is a simple rule that you should follow every day. You will need to clear your skin regularly with a soaked cotton ball in either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. You can also mix vinegar with saltand and rub the mixture over your acne. Keep it there for about ten to twenty minutes prior to removing with warm water.

Use of honey as a face mask or oral consumption of honey are other good treatments for acne. Honey is a natural moisturizer that helps to remove the acne scars and gives a natural glow to the skin. It makes your skin smooth and moisturized. Use a mixture of honey, tomato pulp and rose-water before taking a shower. Leave it for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off.

By the way, toothpaste is also an effective home remedy for acne. Use it before going to sleep. It can help to reduce the swelling of your acne. Just apply little prior to your bedtime and you will notice the instant results the next morning.

Skin masks with cucumber are also extensively used to get rid of acne. Make a spread of cucumber and tomato and put it evenly over your face. This treatment helps tighten the skin pores and hides the visibility of pimples. Keep the mask on for thirty minutes a day. Doing this will prevent pimples from erupting.

And finally, one of the most important and simple things to do to get rid of acne is to drink plenty of water. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water is very healthful for your skin.
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